Training 13/15 December

Monday, Barnwood, start time 1745hrs - 10 x half laps Wednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start time 1730hrs - 1 x Escourt Rd 'out n back', 5 x 1km reps If joining on the night please try and arrive 10 minutes early

Ron Freeman

Ron Freeman of Gloucester AC and Gloucestershire County AAA recently passed away on 27 November 2021. Although not a Severn AC member he made an immense contribution; administering and officiating at many athletic events, Severn AC races and meetings since 1994. His funeral will be held on 23 December at 3pm at Gloucester Crematorium, donations... Continue Reading →

59th Annual Christmas Morning 3 Miles Handicap

Terry will be organising the 59th Annual Christmas Morning 3 Miles Handicap at 1030hrs meeting at the Tewkesbury Rd/Northern Bypass intersection. Runners should arrive at 1000hrs for handicaps. The event is free but a small gift/donation for the Gloucester Food Bank is suggested instead (no baked beans).

Training 30 Nov/1 Dec

Monday, Barnwood, 1745hrs, Something for the speedsters - (half lap, full lap) x 3Wednesday, Kenilworth Ave, 1730hrs, BDXCL Plock Court Special - 10 x rolling hills

Training 22/24 November

Monday, Barnwood, start 1745hrs, Intro to Winter training 1 - 5 x 1 mile repsWednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start 1730hrs, Intro to Winter training 2 - 4 x 2km reps (Escourt Rd out n back)If you wish to come along email the club by Sunday evening or arrive 10 minutes before the designated start time on... Continue Reading →

Training 15th & 17th November

Monday, Barnwood, start 1745hrs - 10 x half laps (800m).Wednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start 1730hrs, - 10 x 1km reps.Names by Sunday evening via email ( or Facebook Messenger. All runners are welcome to attend. We start at the designated time or when everyone on the list have arrived (whichever is the earliest). If turning up... Continue Reading →

Training 1st/8th November

Monday, Barnwood, start 1745hrs, *Run like an Egyptian* - half lap, full lap, 2 laps, full lap, half lapWednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start 1730hrs, *BLC shake out* - 1 x big loop, 5 x hill sprints, 5 x 500mNames by Sunday evening. Email We start when everyone on the list arrives or at the designated... Continue Reading →

Training 1/3 November

Monday, Barnwood, 1745hrs, *Guy Fawkes Sparkler* - 5 x full laps (1.43km)Wednesday, Kenilworth Ave, 1730hrs, *Guy Fawkes Banger* - 1 x big big (1.75 miles), 3 x 1 km reps (figure of 8)Names by Sunday evening. We start when everyone who is on the list have arrived. You can just turn up on the night.... Continue Reading →

Training 11/13 October

Monday, Barnwood, start 1745hrs - 12 x short half laps (750m)Wednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start 1730hrs - 1 x big big loop (1.75 miles), 1 x big loop (1.5 miles), 1 x big big loopNames by Sunday evening. If we know you are coming we'll wait for you 😁And finally; lights, lights, lights. Bring your lights... Continue Reading →

Training 27/29 September

Monday, Barnwood, start 1745hrs, To infinity and beyond - 2 x 3km efforts or in imperial measurements, 2 x 2 and a bit lapsWednesday, Kenilworth Ave, start 1730hrs, The John and Dan Show - 8 x 500m, 5 mins rest, 8 x 500m To reserve a place email the club at by Sunday evening

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