Pilot 5k May Virtual Challenge Results

Severn AC open 5K May virtual race

This month’s virtual race saw a reduced number of entrants. Perhaps as a result of lockdown restrictions loosening or generally with the change in weather meaning people are instead focussing on longer distances and trail runs or even direct and not virtual races.

Seb Clarke took home the victory by some distance as no other top runner’s offered a challenge this time around.

Gemma Collier was the fastest female and only runner outside of the club to contest.

Name Time
Seb Clarke 16.23
Adrian England 18.44
Carl Beard 19.19
Gemma Collier 19.27
Rich Frape 19.48
Pratik Pradhan 20.14
Alex Jenkins. 20.22
Matt Leyshon 21.52
Darren Ridgley 22.21
Greg Leyshon 24.18

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