Weekly Virtual News – 28/06

Severn Athletic Club’s new vice-chair Dave Clarke was pleased with his first initiative. He coordinated the club veterans participation in the National Virtual Veterans 5K Team relays. “It is important we keep the competitive instinct active during lockdown”. Future club virtual events will include a 5K and a 7.5 Mile Gloucester Carnival run at the end of July.

Severn placings & times:

V65-74 – 13th (23)
Les Davis 23:40 (M75, 4th), Greg Leyshon 23:50 (M70, 14th), George Scully 24:45 (M70, 26th), John James 38:13 (M70, 50th)

V45-49 A – 61st (115)
John Withers 18:46 (M55, 44th), Dave Howells 18:51 (M50, 98th), Dave Clarke 19:06 (M45, 203rd), Ian Overthrow 19:53 (M50, 159th)

V45-49 B – 98th (115)
Pratik Pradhan 20:26 (M45, 263rd), Kev Probyn 21:03 (M50, 222nd), Steve Shields 21:51 (M50, 249th), Neil Taylor 22:42 (M50, 277th)

V35-44 – 34th (82)
Chris Brown 16:42 (M35, 89th), James Rose 17:01 (M40, 86th), Pete Stephens 17:07 (M35, 115th), Matt Atkins 18:15 (M40, 195th), Imran Hassanjee 18:36 (M40, 214th), Adrian England 18:43 (M40, 222nd), Rich Frape 18:59 (M40, 260th), Andy Bright 19:29, (M35, 295th) Darren Ridgley 21:51 (M40, 366th).

LV45-50 Tracey Brenton 21:01 (W45, 66th), Emma Rawlings 23:27 (W45, 158th)

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