Weekly news 14/06

Severn Athletic Club’s vice-captain Dave Howells running career mirrors those of many participating in the present running boom. Talented at school, a long absence then an enthusiastic embrace of a running life style.

“Everyday I ran to Oxstalls school from White City and made the school team at cross-country”. Gloucester Athletic Club’s Terry Haines spotted him then invited him to the club. “Terry must have been out training when I went along and nobody there approached me, so I went home”. 

A knee injury just before leaving school had long term effects, Howells kept fit swimming. In 2014 a cousin in the USA said she had run a marathon inspiring him to start running again, he built up to twice a week.

The burgeoning 5K Parkruns enticed him. “I started off around 22/23 minutes, met Andy Brown and got into competition”. His first race was the 2017 Christmas 3 Mile Road race Handicap. He did well, signed for Severn AC and became ever present at training and in races. “I’m 53 now, self employed so although I can manage mileage, the fast intense Rob Cytlau training sessions at Severn suit me”. In 2018 he won the 55th Christmas Race.

When not racing he is a constant in local Parkruns, usually at Plock Court with three victories and a 95% record in the over 50’s.

His PB’s have steadily improved to Parkrun 19:15, Road 5K 19:42, 4 Mile 25:38, 5 Mile 31:42, 10K 39:30, 10 Mile 64:44, Half Marathon 88:48 and 20 Mile 2:23:06. He amassed many podium, team and age group victories since 2018 including three Vet 50 open 10K firsts. In March 2018 he ran a Parkrun, the Alderton 5K and the county Road Relays within six hours. A fine 2020 start indicated more PB’s as well as a first marathon, then lockdown. “Hopefully we can return to racing in the autumn cross-country season”.

Howells has improved to become a regular scorer in Severn’s team. As vice-captain he is supporting captain James Rose’s rallying of the team to win promotion from Division Three of the Birmingham League and a top ten team placing in the Gloucestershire League.

Howells cherished target, “A sub 19 minutes 5K”. The thoughts of his team mates “How fast would he have been in those lost years”.

Virtual Road Races:

The Sandhurst White Horse 5K start, 1 mile, 2 mile and finish have been remarked. We will also be remarking the Hardwicke Pilot start with 1 mile, 2 mile, 5K turn, 4 mile turn, 5 mile turn & 10k turn for our members interested in running these courses.

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