W/C 01/06 News

Severn Members at the Dymock Half Marathon

Dymock resident James Rose, Severn Athletic Club’s vice captain won his village half marathon for the seventh time. He set a new course record of 1:17:20 beating his time from 2018 of 1:17.27. He was delighted to lead Severn AC to the team win with team mates Chris Brown 6th in 1:24:05 & Dave Howells(V50) 14th in 1:30:11. Stephens Shields(V50) who was making his debut for the club improved on his previous best time on the course by over 16 minutes finishing in 22nd place with a time of 1:34:34. Next in for the club in 47th place was Pratik Pradhan(V45) in 1:44:05, finishing in 54th place was Tracey Brenton(LV45) who finished with a new personal best for the distance with a time of 1:46:36 & finally home for the club in 98th place was Greg Leyshon(V65) with a time of 2:00:53. 155 ran.

Severn Athletic Club stalwart Kevin Probyn has had a sequence of all time pb’s although now competing in the Vet50 age category. Kevin has recently achieved a new 10K pb at Berkeley, his road 5K at Phomphrey by 40 seconds and finally also achieved a new Parkrun pb at Kingsway.

Phomphrey 5K results: 28th Will Richmond 17:38(pb), 54th Adrian England(V40) 18:51(sb), 91st Kevin Probyn(V50) 21:46(pb) & 128th John James(V65) 34:39(sb). 128 ran.


Bournemouth: 213th Phil Reece(V55) 26:23. 552 ran.

Crystal Palace: 6th Richard Chapman-Brown(1/V40) 19:01. 473 ran. 

Eden Project: 2nd Chris Brown 17:56 & 177th Megan Partridge 31:32(pacer) 296 ran.

Gloucester City: 185th Pratik Pradhan(V45) 35:39(pacer) 244 ran.

Gloucester North: 2nd Dave Howells(1/V50) 19:38, 6th Tim Perkin 20:46, 19th Neil Taylor(3/V45) 23:22, 78th Dave Blackburn(1/V75) 31:41 & 87th Sandra Brown(LV60) 32:40. 142 ran.

Kingsway: 1st  Alex Rawlings(JM15-17) 17:21(course pb), 2nd Will Richmond 17:55(course pb), 5th Dave Clarke(2/V45) 18:53, 12th Alex Jenkins 20:22, 26th Mark Edgeworth(2/V40) 21:15(course pb), 33rd Adrian England(V40) 22:09(pacer), 37th Kevin Probyn(V50) 22:20(course pb), 42nd Tracey Brenton(1/LV45) 23:01,47th Greg Leyshon(1/V65) 23:13, 51st Victor Marques(V45) 23:39, 56th Les Davis(1/V75) 23:50, 70th Rob Cytlau(2/V65) 24:35, 92nd George Scully(3/V65) 25:49, 205th Gary Barnes(V55) 31:51, 206th Pauline Barnes(LV55) 31:52 & 254th John James(V65) 36:57. 313 ran.

Tooting Common: 29th Ben Hope 19:24. 747 ran.

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