Weekly news 24/03

Severn Athletic Club recorded their biggest team victory since their 2016 revival by winning the team prize in the Forest Of Dean Trails Half Marathon. Severn Athletes James, Chris and Will set off running together for the 1st 5k with Will achieving a PB for the distance, James and Chris then pulled away running together up the steady climb to mile 7 with James then pulling away to finish in 6 the place with a time of 1:19:14. James from Dymock also won the trophy for the 1st Forest of Dean resident home and came 2nd in the V40 category. Chris was end for the team finishing in 19th place after struggling with the final 2 miles with a time of 1:21:46. Will was the last scoring Athlete for the team finishing in 29th place with a Personal Best time for the distance in 1:24:40. Final team member home was Adrian England who finished in 146th place with a time of 1:35:11. 1887 ran.

The overall event was won by Ben LIVESEY(V40) of Notts AC in 1:10:44.

James Rose collecting his trophy

Two Severn Athletes competed the Pendock Chicken 10K, 1st home for the club in 16th was Dave Howells(3/V50) with a time of 42:06 & he was followed by team mate Victor Marques(V40) in 102nd place with a time of 55:57. 215 ran.

At the Weston-Super-Mare Half Marathon Imran and Farook continued their training for respective Marathons by pacing at the event. Finishing in 64th place Imran Hassanjee 1:29:51 (1:30:00 pacer) & 628th place was Farook Mota(V45) 1:57:00 (2:00:00 pacer). 1577 ran.


Cirencester: 144th Dave Blackburn(1/V75) 34:48. 189 ran.

Gloucester City: 3rd Ian Overthrow(1/V50) 19:13 (course PB), 39th Farooq Mota(V45) 24:04, 63rd George Scully(V65) 25:56 & 209th Phil Reece(V55) 45:35. 221 ran.

Gloucester North: 3rd Dave Howells(1/V50) 19:41 (course PB), 14th Andy Brown(2/V60) 21:55 & 89th Sandra Brown(2/LV55) 30:00. 134 ran.

Kingsway: 12th Will Richmond 20:00 (pacer), 14th Alex Jenkins 20:12, 41st Kevin Probyn(V50 PB) 23:22, 52nd Victor Marques(V45) 24:19 & 244 John James(V65) 43:12. 256 ran.

Severn Bridge: 3rd Alex Rawlings(1/JM15-17) 17:10 (course PB) & 51st Emma Rawlings(2/LV45) 24:06. 227 ran.

Sutton Coldfield: 39th Tracey Brenton(1/LV45) 23:36. 350 ran.

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