WC 31/03

Severn Athletic Club runners maintained their good form with a series of personal course bests, age group firsts and high placings in 5K parkruns.

Cirencester: 181st Dave Blackburn(1/V75) 34:18.(course PB). 227 ran.

Gloucester City: 1st Alex Rawlings(JM15-17) 17:54, 7th Andy Monro(1/V45) 19:39, 12th Alex Jenkins 20:19(course PB), 34th Pratik Pradhan(V45) 23:28, 35th Imran Hassanjee(V40) 23:29, 37th Emma Rawlings(3/LV45) 23:40(course PB) & Phil Reece(V55) 45:04. 194 ran.

Gloucester North: 3rd Dave Howells(1/V50) 19:29(course PB), 19th Andy Brown(1/V60) 22:06 & 87th Sandra Brown(1/LV55) 30:41. 133 ran.

Kingsway: 8th Dave Clarke(1/V45) 19:33, 13th Adrian England 20:22, 52nd Greg Leyshon(1/V65) 23:06, 94th Victor Marques(V45) 25:19 & 303rd John James(V65) 41:41. 334 ran.

South Norwood: 17th Richard Brown(3/V40) 20:51. 172 ran.

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