Weekly news 11/09 and 02/09

Severn Athletic Club’s Archie Fox (28) followed up his first podium placing of second in the Severn Bridge 10K race with a satisfactory Half Marathon debut at Cheltenham. ” I was pleased to beat the 1 hour 20-minute barrier, I ran in the top thirty all the way”.
Returning to racing ultra-runner Farooq Mota (V50) was 277th and Severn’s latest lady recruit Laura Van Heezik was 1121st.
New signing Amy Walker (LV35) took on the 10k and came in as 2nd lady & 25th overall.

Cheltenham Half Marathon: 26 Archie Fox 1:19:32, 277 Farook Mota V50 1:41:56, 347 Tom Payne 1:45:05 & 1121 Laura Van Heezik 2:15:58. 1529 ran.
Cheltenham 10K: 25 Amy Walker 1/LV35 46:35. 399 ran.

Alderton 5K: 2 Steve Kenyon 16:07, 9 James Smith V/40 17:55, 12 Nathan Pettit 18:24, 26 Christopher Anderson 19:52, 29 Richard Boseley V/60 20:03, & 90 Gregory Leyshon V/70 24.41. 222 ran.

Stratford Park Sprint Triathlon: 3/V50 John Chapman (600-yard Swim) 19:30, (30 KM Bike) 59:26, (6 KM Run) 30:59: 1:52:01.

50 Mile Mendip Marauder: 14 Clare Thompson 2/SL 10:40:28. 43 ran

Severn Athletic Club’s improving Archie Fox(28) ran his best race since joining the club in 2021 in the Severn Bridge 10 Kilometre Road Race. Utilising his fastest start yet he headed the race to 3 Kilometres where Arron Kearney(Bideford AAC) caught him and then went away to win in 34:50. Fox finished second in 35:50, a personal best by 61 seconds.

Severn Bridge 10K: 2 Archie FOX 35:50 (PB), 27 Richard BOSELEY 2/V60 43:06(PB) & 126 Gregory LEYSHON 3/V70+ 52:32. 515 ran.

Pershore Plum 10K: 52 Graeme Brand 45:50. 283 ran.

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