Weekly News 13/02

Dan Nurse

Dan Nurse(42) and John Chapman(50) have been prominent in Severn Athletic Club’s covid lockdown signings.

Nurse had competed for St Peters at 800 & 1500 Metres. In 2010 he started running again, taking part in Parkruns, trail and road events. A Tuffley Trotter, he showed promise in Severn’s virtual lockdown events around the Elmore Loop. He trains 30-40 miles a week and made an auspicious debut in the competitive and demanding discipline when fifth scorer in Severn’s promotion seeking team in Division Three of the Birmingham League. P.B’s(all in 2021) 5K-18:52, 5K Parkrun- 18:30, 5 Mile-33:10, 10K-38:53, 10 Mile-62:56, Half Marathon-84:45, Marathon(trail) 4:51:49, Sharpness 51K-5:29:14. Winning Team: Dymock Half Marathon 2021.

John Chapman

Chapman from Longlevens school, has been running 10 years. He competed in many long distance events on his 40-50 miles weekly training mileage, placing second in the 2019 Sharpness-Gloucester 16 Mile event in 2:04:04. His P.B’s, all recorded in Autumn 2021: 5K-18:44, 10K-38:05, 10 Mile:63:51, Half Marathon-85:54, London Marathon(virtual)-3:55:53. A member of Severn’s winning teams in the Dymock Half Marathon and Severn Bridge 10K. He has led home the Severn ‘B’ team scorers in the Birmingham Cross-Country League.

Nurse and Chapman are stalwart attendees at Severn AC coach Bob Cytlau’s twice weekly distance sessions. Both agree,” The short interval intensive speedwork puts an edge on performance”.

Severn AC Race Results:

Mayhill Massacre 9 Mile: 73 Sam Watts(LV40) 1:49:07 & Stephen Shields(V50) 1:49:07. 91 ran.

Mayhill Mayhem 15 Mile: 3 Dan Nurse(V40) 1:55:40. 38 ran.

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