Weekly news 23/01

The easing of covid restrictions has given hopes that the Tredworth Easter Monday 4.3 Mile Road Race held since 1948 will take place on April 18th @ 11:30 around the Elmore Loop from the Pilot Inn. Lockdown has caused cancellations in 2020 and 2021. Defending champions are Steve Kenyon from Elmbridge and Bethan Moor(Quedgeley).

Event co-ordinator Terry Haines of Severn Athletic Club is also hopeful that a Memorial Race for the late Steve Mchale, one of the cities top distance runners can be scheduled for the 7.4 Mile Elmore Loop, one of Steve’s favourite training runs.

Severn AC Race Results:

Chepstow Half Marathon: 61 Rich Frape(V40) 1:42:37 & 64 Tracey Brenton(1/LV45) 1:43:43. 192 ran.

Doynton Hard Half Marathon: 48 John Chapman(5/V50) 1:53:32 & 75 James Smith(V40) 1:59:09. 424 ran.

Linda Franks 5 Mile: 8 Chris Brown(2/V40) 28:27, 30 Andy Monro(4/V50) 31:21, 78 Nicholas Allen(5/V60) 35:31 & 159 George Scully(4/V70) 44:23. 205 ran.

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