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John Chapman

John Chapman(V50) summer signing for Severn Athletic Club, capped a successful first road race season with a personal best of 1 hour 24 minutes 34 seconds when 169th in the Oxford Half Marathon. Chapman has been in Severn’s recent team victories in the Severn Bridge 10K and Dymock Half Marathon.

At the Newport Marathon Alex Hope improved on his finishing time at this year’s Brighton Marathon by finishing in 130th place (4/V55) with a time of 2:59:00, next home for the club in 328th place was Imran Hassanjee(v/40) who finished in a time of 3:15:36, Pratik Pradhan(V45) continued his improved at this distance with a new personal best finishing in 438th place with a time of 3:26:10, in 686th place was Kevin Probyn(v/50) 3:43:21, in 1261st place was Tom Payne 4:16:04, in 1302nd place was Matt Leyshon (v/40) who finished in a time of 4:19:33 & in 1560th place Greg Leyshon(V70) 4:39:06. 2029 ran.

Stroud Half Marathon: 36 Rich Boseley(3/V50) 1:26:04, 43 John Chapman(5/V50) 1:27:03, 63rd Andy Monro(V50) 1:29:28, 323 Nicholas Allen(V60) 1:53:42 & 419 Stephen Shields(V/50) 2:00:38. 650 ran.

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