Results – Time Trial – Pilot 5m – 25/04/21

Time Trial – Pilot 5m – 25/04/21
1Henry JamesWestern TempoSM26:02:40
2Tadese GebrehiwetWestern TempoSM27:58:78
3Mark JamesWestern TempoV4028:04:28
4Luke CarrollWestern TempoSM28:35:34
5Dave ClarkeSevern ACV5030:26:02
6Dave GresswellGloucester ACV5031:36:24
7Dave HowellsSevern ACV5031:36:62
8Peter CarmichaelWestern TempoSM32:06:82
9Andy ProphettWestern TempoV4532:07:32
10Carl BeardSM32:23:51
11Andy MonroSevern ACV5032:31:21
12Dan NurseSevern ACV4033:09:73
13Briony BishopGloucester ACSL33:33:09
14Jon SchofieldSevern ACSM33:57:25
15Matt AtkinsSevern ACV4033:59:80
16Richard BoseleySevern ACV5535:23:16
17Tracey BrentonSevern ACLV4036:30:71
18Josh BeardsworthSevern ACSM37:08:87
19Matt LeyshonSM38:06:47
20Greg LeyshonSevern ACV7039:35:80
21Terry WhitsonV6540:12:25

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