Farook Mota Bio

Farook Mota of Severn Athletic Club started running at the age of 28. Now aged 50, he is running 70+ Kilometres weekly, aiming at personal and age group best times.

Farook’s running extends to organising & administering events. He was concerned that there was no inner city opportunity for the burgeoning running scene. In February 2018 he utilised the Parkrun initiative to start up the Gloucester City Parkrun 5K. Before Covid lock-down it was attracting over 300 runners on a Saturday morning. “It’s value is as a weekly guide and target for runner of all abilities.” He has now passed the organisation on, continuing to lead the RUNGL1 group.

The Comrades 90K Marathon in his native South Africa was his first running challenge, considered to be the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon race and the premiere ultra running event in the world. The course has 6600 feet of climb and 4700 feet of decent. Run annually alternating its start and finish between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. “In 1999 I didn’t compete. I returned over the tougher uphill course and ran 11 hour 40 mins 41 secs in 2000.”

In 1999 Farook made his marathon debut in a time of 5:27:00, ran 6:30:00 for 50 Kilometres.
Farook also completed in South Africa’s other famed ultra, the 56K two Oceans in 2001 and finished with a time of 5:53:40 before moving to Ireland.
He then went back and ran the Two Oceans in 2017 finishing in a time of 5 hours 23 minutes.

He moved to Ireland running 4:05:59 in the Dublin Marathon.

He had two lengthy breaks from running then moved to the UK in 2011. His PB’s are 5K 20:34(2019), 10K 43:50(2017), Half Marathon 1:36:56(2017), Marathon 3:39:35(Berlin) & Two Oceans 56K 5:24:14(2017). He has run 33 Marathons/Ultra’s and is a regular scorer for Severn Athletic Club’s cross-country ‘B’ team.

Like all in sport, Farook is hopeful of a restart of races and Parkruns in 2021, “We need the stimulus.”

He also has intentions to establish a 10 Mile or Half Marathon within the city centre. “It will enhance our cities sporting record.”

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