58th Christmas Morning 3 mile handicap

The 58th Gloucester Christmas Morning 3 Mile Road Race Handicap was won for the seventh time by defending champion Dave Spackman(75), the oldest ever victor. He won it first in 1977 when he was a winger with Spartans RFC. “Then none of the established runners expected a fast run from a rugby player. Since then I’ve been fortunate that my handicap marks have got me to the front which always lifts me”.

His time was 27 minutes 41 seconds, behind him the other runners chased hard to close down his start. Elmbridge runner Mike Gavin(V55) got his best ever placing in second. Third man 2018 victor Dave Howells and scratch man this year ran 19:47, an inaugural course record for the altered course.

Results: Elapsed time with actual time in brackets.

1 Dave Spackman(Gloucester AC V75) 27:41(27:41), 2 Mike Gavin(Elmbridge V55) 28:10(22:40), 3 Dave Howells(Severn AC V50) 28:17(19:47), 4 Matt Tinning(U/A) 28:34(23:34), 5 Emma Millman(AngelsLV45) 28:47(21:17), 6 Kevin Probyn(Severn AC V50) 29:00(23:00), 7 Neil Taylor(Severn AC V50) 29:06(22:16) 8 Charlie Millman(U/A) 29:08(23:08).

52nd 180 Metre Uphill Handicap Sprint.

1 John Rogers(Dursley V65) 25.4(rec 65 Metres), 2 Emma Millman(Angels LV45) 26.2(rec 45M), 3 Dave Howells(Severn AC V50) 26.4(rec 30M), 4 Charlie Millman(U/A) 27.0(scratch), 5 Dave Spackman(Gloucester AC V75) 27.5(rec 70M), 6 Neil Taylor(Severn AC V50) 27.7(rec 35M).

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