Weekly News 09/11

Severn Athletic Club’s latest virtual event was a dual 5k held over the club’s famed Sandhurst & Pilot Inn courses.

Chris Brown came out the best at both clocking 17:15 at the Pilot & 17:44 at Sandhurst. Whilst James Rose’s times were identical, 18:06 at both. Third was Severn V55 John Withers who completed in 18:47 & 18 :41.

First lady was Charlotte McGlone of Gloucester AC in 18:59 & 19:18

Other performances were Dave Clarke(V45) 18:59,18:47. Dave Howells(V50) 19:04,18:58. Imran Hassanjee(V40) 19:23,19:54. Andy Munro(V50) 19:32,19:32. Adrian England(V40) 20:43,21:16. Pratik Pradhan(V45) 20:52,21:00. Alex Jenkins 21:02,20:45. Kevin Probyn(V50) 21:42,21:34. Richard Boseley(V55) 21:47,21:57. Amanda Marton(Tewkesbury RC LV50) 21:48,21:34. Emma Millman(Angels RC LV45) 21:51,21:51. Mathew Leyshon(V40) 22:52,22:54. Farook Mota(V50) 22:56,21:52. Greg Leyshon(V70) 24:48,25:45. George Scully(V70) 25:41,25:58. Mike Ward(Tewkesbury RC V80) 35:05,36:45. 

Pilot Only: Dave Lander(V50) 18:17. Matt Atkins(V40) 20:20. Steve Shields(V50) 21:54.

Sandhurst Only: Steve Hale(V40) 20:58. 

Club training sessions will currently resume on Monday the 7th of December

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