Severn AC 5k challenge

Severn AC October 5km Double Header Open Challenge

What. An individual ‘open’ challenge event involving two 5km time trials on two different courses. Runners have until 2000hrs on 1 Nov 20 to complete one or both courses as fast as they can. Runners can attempt each course as often as they like but may only ‘declare’ one result per course.

When. Now until 2000hrs on Sunday 1st November.

Where. Official courses are the Pilot Inn and Sandhurst Loop 5km. Those club members and friends who do not live in Gloucester may complete 2 different courses where they live provided they have similar profile to the official courses. Non Severn runners must do one or both of these courses.

Who. All Severn AC members and Gloucestershire runners.

Scoring (Individuals). Best time for each course will be used to determine final standings.

Results. Results can be submitted via email to, posted on the club Facebook page or WhatsApp chat group. Garmin, Suunto and Strava links accepted as proof of time. In extremis screenshots / photos of your watch.

The courses.

The Pilot Inn 5km ( An out and back starting just after the Hardwicke canal bridge. Out for a mile and half, turning round just before you begin to climb to Wholly Gelato. Finish directly opposite the start. Start/Finish and turning point are clearly marked.

Sandhurst Lane 5km ( Start just up from the Globe pub, run up Sandhurst Lane until Base Lane. Turn right onto Base Lane. Stay on Base until T-junction, turn left back on to Sandhurst Lane, finish opposite the car park entrance to the pub. Start and Finish are clearly marked.


No more than 6 runners on the course at any given time. You can complete the time trial with your training partners/in groups so long as you adhere to the rule of 6.

Maintain social distancing at all times.

Do not wear headphones, keep to the left-hand side of the road where possible and be aware of other road users.

If you feel I’ll do not run.

Where there is a significant difference between elapsed and recorded time, elapsed time will be used so remember to save your run.

Run to the markers and not your watch i.e. Start at the start line, finish at the finish line.

Runners can run each course as often as they like but can only register one time per course.

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