Weekly News 04/10

Dave Clarke and Imran Hassanjee

This weekend was the 40th London Marathon, which several members completed virtually. In tough windy/wet conditions athletes were allowed to pick a route of their choice that was then recorded through the official London Marathon app to ensure the full distance was met.

1st home for the club was Imran Hassanjee (v40) in 2263rd place who finished in a time of 3:29:46, just behind him was Dave Clarke (v45), who finished a time of 3:32:36. Just Pratik Pradhan (v45) was next home in a time of 3:58:28 and followed very closely by Farook Mota (v50) in a time of 4:00:05. Stephen Shields (v50) was then next in with a time of 4:12:11. Finally new member Jon Schofield finished with a time of 4:18:04.

Also held on the same day was the Jon Ward Hereford 5k memorial race in which two members competed. Finishing in 51st place and 1st in his age category was John Withers (v55) with a time of 18:27. Next home was Dave Howells (v50) in 62nd place and 4th in his age category with a time of 19:10. The race was won in a time of 15:03 by Dominic Price (Western Tempo).

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