Weekly news 10/11

Alex Rawlings

Severn Athletic Club’s Alex Rawlings(JM15-17) won the senior boys title at the Gloucester Secondry Schools Cross Country Championships at Plock Court. Representing Gloucester College, he will be contesting the Gloucestershire Secondry School X/C Championships on Sunday 8th December at Newent School.


Gloucester City: 1 Alex RAWLINGS  JM15-17 17:53, 12 Pratik PRADHAN  3/VM45-49 20:53, 26 Farook MOTA VM45 22:32, 32 Sam RAWLINGS 1/JM11-14 23:01(course PB), 34 Andrew BROWN 2/VM60 23:07, 61 Leslie DAVIS 1/VM75 25:20, 130 Philip REECE VM55 30:04 & 134 Sandra BROWN 2/VW60 30:43. 206 ran.

Kingsway: 27 Marc EDGEWORTH 3/VM40 22:48, 59 George SCULLY 1/VM65 25:48 &197 John JAMES 1/VM70 38:33. 229 ran.

Stratford Park: 12 Andy MONRO 2/VM50 23:02. 94 ran.

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