Weekly news 11/08

Severn Athletic Club’s winter signing John Withers led home the club for the first time in the demanding Bugatti 10K. Returning to racing after a long time out through injury he achieved a top twenty placing and came third in the Vet50 category.

Bugatti 10K(Gratton): 20th John Withers(3/V50) 40:57, 51st Kevin Probyn(V50) 45:40(PB) & 119th Greg Leyshon(V65) 51:00. 275 ran.


Gloucester City: 4 John WITHERS 1/VM55 20:00, 12 Andy MONRO 2/VM45 21:09, 43 Farook MOTA VM45 25:08(pacer), 44 Philip REECE VM55 25:12(course PB) & 75 Megan PARTRIDGE SW25 27:25. 187 ran.

Gloucester North: 2 David HOWELLS 1/VM50 20:16, 6 Neil TAYLOR 2/VM50 22:41 & 10 Andrew BROWN 1/VM60 23:37. 85 ran.

Kingsway: 5 Adrian ENGLAND 1/VM40 19:43. 176 ran.

Phomphrey Hill: 2 Gary HOPE 18:19 1/VM50. 231 ran.

South Norwood: 7 Richard CHAPMAN-BROWN 2/VM40 20:13. 135 ran.

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