WC 14/04

Severn AC member & Gloucester City Parkrun Co-Director Farook Mota (v45) completed in his 31st marathon at the Brighton Marathon, Farook started strongly and was on for a time of around 3:30 but hit the dreaded wall at around 22 miles and ended up finishing in 2088th place with a time of 3:48:56. 16,651 ran.

New member Tim Perkins competed in the Whitehorse Half Marathon at Wantage(Oxon). Trying to break under the one hour and 30 minute mark, Tim just missed out finishing in 101st place with time of 1:32:31. 503 ran.


Cirencester: 174th Dave Blackburn(1/V75) 32:31(course PB). 230 ran.

Gloucester City: 22nd Pratik Pradhan(V40) 21:34, 50th Les Davis(1/V75) 24:47, 57th George Scully(1/V65) 25:31(course PB), 103rd Phil Reece(V55) 29:15, 185th John James(V65) 38:58 & 186th Joanne Davis(LV50) 38:57(pacer). 214 ran.

Gloucester North: 3rd Dave Howells(1/V50) 19:25(course PB) & 80th Sandra Brown(1/LV55) 30:27. 115 ran.

Kingsway: 2nd Chris Brown 17:48, 4th Dave Clarke(2/V45) 19:11, 5th Adrian England 19:30, 7th Andy Monro(3/V45) 19:38, 29th Victor Marques(V45) 22:29 & 202nd Megan Partridge 32:52. 289 ran.

South Norwood: 5th Richard Chapman-Brown(1/V40) 19:46. 99 ran.

Swindon: 186th Farook Mota(V45) 26:43. 551 ran.

The City’s oldest road race “The Tredworth 4.3 Mile” will be held for the 72nd time at the Pilot Inn, Hardwicke on Monday April 22nd at 11:30. Registration from 10:30am. Open to members of the following running clubs… Angels RC, Gloucester AC, Hucclecote Harriers, Kingsway Runners, Severn AC & Tuffley Trotters or city residents who are not members of any club. Entrants must be 15 years of age or older. Details on Severn AC website.

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