Weekly news 30/12

There was a reversal of placings from 2017 in the Severn Athletic Club Pilot Inn 4 Mile Christmas Road Race.

Former Severn member Mark James now a Cheltenham resident battled with Severn’s Chris Brown, whose powerful finish gave him the victory. This year the pair, with Longney born Rob Bowery(Black Pear Joggers) set a fast pace. At 2 miles reached in 11:07, Bowery was dropped. Here Brown made his effort “I had to break Mark before he could use his 12 second 100 metre speed at the end”. The tactic worked, Brown ran away to victory in a new PB of 22:05, James was second in 22:46 & Bowery third in 23:00.

Brown led his team mates to their first team win since June. Oliver Starkey was 4th in 23:22, he fits running in with rowing. Will Richmond was near his PB with 24:24 for 6th place. Dave Lander 7th in 25:00 won the Vet50 category. The team was anchored by Dave Clarke(V45) 8th in 25:13 and Dave Howells(V50) 9th in 25:28. Support came from 12th Victor Marques(V45) 30:15 and 13th Greg Leyshon(V65) 30:57.

The 56th Annual Gloucester Christmas Morning 3 Mile Road Race Handicap was won by Dave Howells(V50) of Severn Athletic Club. It was Howells second attempt at Gloucester’s oldest road race. Running off scratch he paced himself past all his opponents, hitting the front with 600 metres remaining. His actual time of 19:59 was a new course Vet50 record for the revised course.

In the 50th Annual Kenilworth Avenue 180 metre uphill sprint handicap race, 65 year old John Rogers from Dursley led all the way.

3 Mile Handicap: 1st Dave Howells(Severn Vet50) 24:59(actual time 19:59), 2nd Alice Lewis(Dursley LV60) 25:12(22:47), 3rd Peter Jeffrey(Glos Vet50) 25:22(21:42), 4th Kevin Probyn(Severn Vet50) 25:28(25:28), 5th Dave Spackman(Glos Vet70) 25:38(25:18), 6th Greg Leyshon(Severn Vet65) 27:22(25:22) & 7th Dave Dowdle(Glos V60) 32:17(32:07).

180M Uphill Sprint Handicap: 1st John Rodgers(Dursley V65) 24.5(rec 65 metres), 2nd Peter Jeffrey(Glos Vet50) 25.0(rec 10m), 3rd Alice Lewis(Dursley LV60) 25.1(rec 50m), 4th Dave Howells(Severn Vet50) 27.5(scratch) & 5th Dave Spackman(Glos Vet70) 27.6(rec 60m).

At the 41st running of the Clevedon Boxing Day 4 Mile road Race Andy Brown(V60) was 147th of the 1099 runners in 27:00. Sandra Brown(LV55) was 799th in 38:17.


Dave Howells of Severn Athletic Club was again the 1st Vet 50 home in the Gloucester North 5K Parkrun. He placed 5th of the 93 runners in a new course PB of 20:07. Club mate Neil Taylor ran 21:24 and was 1st Vet 45 in 7th place.

Other Parkuns:

Forest Of Dean: 22nd Kyran Hale 22:04. 172 ran.
Gloucester City: 10th Andy Munro(1/V45) 20:09, 18th Andy Brown(1/V60) 21:19, 22nd Pratik Pradhan(V40) 22:06, 36th Greg Leyshon(1/V65) 24:47, 44th Rob Cytlau(2/V65) 25:17 & 76th Sandra Brown(1/LV55) 28:53. 149 ran.
Kingsway: 3rd Dave Clarke(1/V45) 19:34, 13th Victor Marques(2/V45) 21:07, 83rd Phil Reece(V55) 26:37 & 88th George Scully(1/V65) 26:51. 240 ran.


Crystal Palace: 9th Richard Chapman-Brown(3/V40) 19:29. 247 ran.

Gloucester City: 9th Andy Monro(2/V45) 20:13. 185 ran.

Gloucester North: 10th Andy Brown(1/V60) 21:35 & 63rd Sandra Brown(LV55) 30:01. 105 ran

Kingsway: 2nd Alex Rawlings(1/JM15-17) 18:08, 10th Adrian England 19:46, 21st Victor Marques(3/V45) 21:19, 55th Les Davis(1/V75) 24:09, 57th Greg Leyshon(1/V65) 24:12, 58th Dave Clarke(V45) 24:16 & 63rd Emma Rawlings(1/LV45) 24:27. 272 ran.

Longrun Meadow: 31st Neil Taylor(V45) 21:19.385 ran.

Stonehouse: 64th George Scully(V65) 34:31. 82 ran.

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