Weekly news 21/10

Severn Athletic Club’s two top distance runners James Rose and Chris Brown reversed their respective placings from the Cardiff Half Marathon a fortnight ago in the Stroud Half marathon. Running together up to six miles of the 13.1 mile route, Rose pulled away on the narrow Whitminster section establishing a clear gap on the subsequent uphill. He ran on to set a seasons best of 1:17:14 in 17th place(his PB is 1:15:15). Brown kept him in sight although never closing finishing 21st in his second best time of 1:18:22.

Severn summer signing Will Richmond improved his PB to 1:25:08 when 60th. Club mates followed: 152nd Adrian England 1:31:17, 167th Dave Howells(V50) 1:31:22, 197th Neil Taylor(V45) 1:33:41, 325th Dave Stephens 1:39:11(PB), 363rd Derek Lightstone(V65) 1:40:19, 390th Farook Mota(V45) 1:41:15, 497th Barry Thomas(V45) 1:44:07, 492nd Victor Marques(V45) 1:44:06(1:45:00 Pacer), 1088th Kevin Probyn(V50) 2:04:37, 1237th Greg Leyshon (V65) 2:11:39 & 1325th Imran Hassanjee 2:15:27(2:15:00 Pacer). 1702 ran.

In Parkruns Severn athletes headed five age groups:

Bromley: 6th Richard Chapman-Brown(2/V40) 18:57. 587 ran.

Cheltenham: 13th Rachel Underhill(1/SW) 19:16 & 21st Andy Monro(2/V45) 19:59. 446 ran.

Eastville: 64th Neil Taylor(V45) 21:47. 409 ran.

Gloucester City: 19th Andy Brown(1/V60) 23:28, 23rd Farook Mota(3/V45) 23:51 & 66th Sandra Brown(2/LV55) 28:41(course PB).117 ran.

Kingsway: 5th Dave Clarke(1/V45) 19:06, 6th Victor Marques(2/V45) 19:12, 14th Will Richmond 20:44, 15th Adrian England 20:45, 110th George Scully(2/V65) 29:27 & 180th Phil Reece(V55) 35:18. 208 ran.

Lydney: 1st Alex Rawlings(JM15-17) 17:26(course PB) & 20th Les Davis(1/V75) 23:28. 92 ran.


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