Weekly news 8th July



will-richmond-glos-10k.jpgRecent Severn Athletic Club recruit Will Richmond is quickly losing his novice status. After making the Severn scoring team in the two Pilot 5K road races, he led home his club mates in the Frampton 10K when 16th in 39:16(PB). Then in the 690 field at the Gloucester 10K he improved to 39:05(PB) for fourteenth place.

Other Severn AC Frampton 10k results: 48th Andy Brown(1st V60)

42:43,135th Greg Leyshon (V65) 48:42,169th George Scully(V65) 51:25 & 229th Kevin Probyn(V50) 55:17. 452 ran.

Other Severn AC Gloucester 10K results: 10th Alex Rawlings(U17) 38:37 (PB), 22nd Dave Clarke(2nd V40) 40:15, 23rd Adrian England 40:15 (PB), 34th Imran Hasanjee 42:08 (PB), 43rd Dave Howells(V50) 42:42, 63rd Pratik Pradhan(V40) 44:32 (PB) & 90th Farook Mota(V40) 46:33. 690 ran.

Parkruns results:

Burnham & Highbridge: 47th Les Davis(1st V75) 23:00. 343 ran.

Cheltenham: 397th Dave Blackburn(V75) 35:24(course PB).461 ran.

Gloucester City: 1st Chris Brown 17:32, 7th Andy Munro(V45)

19:24, 8th Ian Overthrow(V50) 19:37 & 14th Andy Brown(1st V60) 21:04. 141 ran.

Gloucester North: 5th Dave Howells(1st V50) 20:29. 91 ran.

Kingsway: 45th George Scully(V65) 24:33. 189 ran.

South Norwood: 15th Richard Brown(V40) 21:51. 126 ran.


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