Severn AC Weekly News – 31/12/17

Severn AC Weekly News – 31/12/17


Severn Athletic Club’s Chris Brown capped a year of improvement with victory in the oldest City Race, the 55thth Annual Christmas Morning 3 Mile Road Race Handicap.

Setting off last but one of the starters he went off fast aware that 30 seconds behind his constant rival Mark James(V40) of Cheltenham Harriers could use him as a pacer. The pair took command of the race by 2 miles, with Brown maintaining his pace to run out the winner with an actual time of 17:22. James finished 24 seconds adrift with a record for the revised course and an actual time of 17:16.

Duncan Sargent(Severn V50) made the podium for the first time in 25 years of trying placing third.

After the 3 mile race another long time supporter 54 year old Peter Jeffrey had his first success winning the 48th Annual 180 Metre Handicap Hill Sprint on Kenilworth Avenue.

3 Mile Handicap(Actual time in brackets): 1st Chris Brown(Severn) 24:52(17:22), 2nd Mark James(Chelt V40) 25:16(17:16), 3rd Duncan Sargent(Severn V50) 26:33(24:33), 4th David Howells(V50) 26:53(21:23), 5th Peter Jeffrey(Glos V50) 27:27(21:47), 6th Nicki Lauder(Severn) 27:40(21:50), 7th Andy Brown(SevernV55) 27:48(21:28), 8th Amber Spackman(Glos U15) 28:22(27:32), 9th Kevin Probyn(Severn V55) 28:25(24:55), 10th Chris Young(Stroud V60) 28:52(25:12), 11th Stephen Hale(Severn V40) 29:06(22:16) & 12th John James(Severn V65) 31:07(31:07).

180 Metre Uphill Handicap Sprint: 1st Peter Jeffrey(Glos V50) 28.5(receiving 40 Metres), 2nd John James(Sev V65) 29.7(rec 70M), 3rd David Howells(V50) 30.2(rec 30M), 4th John Rogers(Dursley V60) 30.2(rec.60M), 5th Andy Brown(Sev V55) 31.5(rec. 35M), 6th Chris Brown(Sev) 33.0(scratch) & 7th Kevin Probyn(Sev V55) 42.0(rec.50M).

Crystal Palace Parkrun: 5th Richard Brown 19:39. 213 ran.

Kingsway Parkrun: 15th Stephen Hale(V40) 20:39, 27th Andy Brown(V55) 21:43, 86th Greg Leyshon(V65) 24:35, 195th Sandra Brown(LV55) 30:37 & 197th John James(V65) 30:53. 279 ran.

Moors Valley Parkrun: 125th Phil Reece(V50) 26:00. 413 ran.

Poole Parkrun: 5th James Rose 17:42. 600 ran.

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