Passing of Coos Van de bunt


Coos Van De Bunt, the husband of Elleen has died at the age of 88 in Reeuwijk, Holland. Ellen and Coos were the Dutch end of the hugely successful Gloucester-Gouda owned athletic exchange between 1974-1992.

Below is a copy of the response that has been sent on behalf of Gloucester AC and Severn AC .

Dear Ellen and family,

The sad news of Coos death brought back many happy memories to his many friends at Gloucester and Severn Athletic Clubs. The wonderful happy and competitive exchanges between Gloucester and Gouda were the high points of our athletics.

Coos encouraged athletes from both teams to do their best in the fiercely competitive competitions we had. But he always said “But be the best of friends.”

The many visits, excursions and lovely hospitality which Coos and yourself fastened and shared helped us all to appreciate our two countries cultures.

The bonds of friendship have endured the link between Gloucester and Gouda together.

Winston McHugh said Coos remained very active until the end of his long life. A magnificent example of how often our “Queen of sports” benefit all.

Coos will often be recalled when we do our athletics.

Yours sincerely

Terry Haines

Gloucester and Severn AC, Mayor and Sheriff of Gloucester

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