Final Pilot 5 Mile time trial instructions

Severn AC 5 miles Time Trial Final Instructions

The Severn AC 5 Miles Time Trial will take place on 25 April 21. To ensure the event runs smoothly and safely for everyone involved below are the final instructions. Please take 5 minutes to familiarise yourself with them.

What. In its simplest and purest form this is a time trial, you versus the clock. The format is intentionally flexible so that everyone can feel safe whilst at the same time challenging themselves individually or alongside runners of similar ability. Predominantly a club event that is open to local runners to promote community running and an opportunity, as we return to competitive running, to blow away some of those race cobwebs.

What it is not. A licensed, chip timed event.

Route. An out and back starting just after the Hardwicke canal bridge. Out for 2.5 miles going past Wholly Gelato and on towards Farley’s End. Approx. 9m before the telegraph pole and the right turn to Elmore (Weir Lane) is the turn round point / 2.5 miles marker. The route back is exactly the same as the route out, the finish is directly opposite the start.

Start/Finish will be controlled by the timekeepers and a Covid Co-ordinator, each mile will be clearly marked and there will be someone at the 2.5 miles turning point to direct runners.

When turning at the 2.5 miles marker runners must be aware of traffic in both directions and ensure it is safe to turn.

The course can be viewed at:

Format. Runners have been grouped and will be set off in waves based on ability/expected finish time. Fastest to slowest groups. To avoid congestion and to ensure social distancing can be maintained around the start line only one wave will be allowed in the start/finish area at any time. Waves will be set off 2 minutes apart. On finishing the time trial runners are requested not to congregate and wait for others at the start/finish area. Anyone who is not comfortable with setting off in a wave can opt to start as an individual. Individuals will be asked to record their own time.


Wave 1 – Alex Rawlings, Seb Clarke, Owen Parry, Mark James, Tadese Gebrehiwet
Wave 2 – Peter Carmichael, Andy Prophet, Dave Clarke, Dave Howells, Luke Carroll, Andy Monro
Wave 3 – Pratik Pradhan, Anna Midgley, Dave Gresswell, Matt Atkins, Briony Bishop
Wave 4 – Tracey Brenton, Amanda Martin, Richard Boseley, Dan Nurse, Jon Schofield, Josh Beardsworth
Wave 5 – Carl Beard, Jade Healey, Matt Leyshon, Greg Leyshon


0859hrs – Start line opens for Wave 1.
0900hrs – Wave 1
0902hrs – Wave 2
0904hrs – Wave 3
0906hrs – Wave 4
0908hrs – Wave 5
0910hrs – Individual start

Note. After Wave 1 has started the Covid Coordinator will call forward the each wave. Only when the start area is clear of runners will a wave be called. Individuals will be released 30 seconds apart.

Results. Results will be published/emailed Sunday evening. Individuals can submit results via email to, post on the club Facebook page or WhatsApp chat group. In this scenario Garmin, Suunto and Strava links are accepted as proof of time. In extremis screenshots / photos of your watch.

Safety. Maintaining a Covid safe environment for all participants is paramount. In the start/finish area there will be a Covid Coordinator who will ensure the area is clear of runners at all times apart from when waves are called forward and runners are crossing the finish line. All runners will need to provide a phone number and email address so they can be contacted in the event someone later tests positive for Covid.

Do not enter the start area until your allotted time and it is clear of runners from the previous wave.
After finishing runners are to move away from the start/finish area.
Maintain social distancing at all times.
Ensure you maintain 2m distance from the Timekeepers.
Do not wear headphones.
Runners must keep to the left-hand side of the road where possible and be aware of other road users.
If you feel ill do not run.
Run to the markers and not your watch i.e. Start at the start line, finish at the finish line, turn round at the 2.5 miles marker.
No spectators please, especially around the start area.
At the 2.5 miles marker be aware of traffic in both directions. Only turn when it is safe to do so.
Runners participate at their own risk and liability.
And finally, enjoy it. This is you v the clock but alongside like minded runners.

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