Severn AC February Flying Fives Virtual Challenge

What. An individual and inter club 5km / 10km challenge. Throughout February simple run and record your fastest 5km, 10km or both.

When. Runs are to be completed over the period Saturday 6th February to Sunday 28th February.. 

Where. Up to the individual but the overall elevation of each registered run should be as close to zero as possible and no more than 4 complete loops. Runs that have an overall positive elevation gain are acceptable. Runs with an overall negative elevation gain will not be accepted. Some suggested routes are below:

Kingsway parkrun –

Gloucester parkrun – 

Sandhurst Ln loop –

Barnwood loop –

Quedgely loop –

Pilot Inn –

Who. All Severn AC members, Gloucestershire non affiliated runners, Gloucestershire club runners and sponsored ‘unders’ (5km only).


5km – the 5km challenge is open to all runners aged 8+ years old. However, runners under 16 years old must have an appropriate adult sponsor.

10km – 10km is open to all runners aged 16+ years old.

Entry. Entries will close on 25 February. You can enter via email (, post on the club Facebook page or Club WhatsApp chat group.

Scoring. The following categories per distance:

Overall positions (all runners)

Overall positions (male)

Overall positions (female)

Team positions (first 15 runners per club)

Male and female positions for U11/U13/U16 for 5km

Male and female positions for U21/Seniors/V40/V45/V50 and every 5 years blocks for 5km and 10km

Results. Runners can submit results via email, post on the club Facebook page or WhatsApp chat group. Garmin, Suunto and Strava links accepted as proof of time. In extremis screenshots / photos of your watch. Final standings will be published on 1 March. Live results will be posted on Severn AC Facebook page every Monday (8th/15th/22nd February).


Observe government guidelines and maintain social distancing at all times.

Do not wear headphones and always be aware of other road users.

If you feel ill do not run.

Make sure you run the correct distance. If you run less than the required distance your run will not count.

Elapsed and moving time must be within 3 seconds of each other. Were there is a significant difference Elapsed time will be taken as your official time.

Stay local.

Enjoy it.


How many attempts can I have? As many as you want within the time period. Only your fastest time will be included in the overall results.

If I run too far can my run be trimmed using Strava? No. Whatever you run will count towards your overall time.

I’m not part of a club/my club isn’t participating, can I run? Yes, absolutely. This is an individual event with a bit of inter club rivalry thrown in for fun.

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