Final instructions for the Pilot 10 Mile time trial

Severn AC December 10 miles Time Trial Final Instructions

Conduct. Runners will be set off in waves based on ability/expected finish time. Fastest to slowest groups. To avoid congestion and to ensure social distancing can be maintained around the start line only one wave will be allowed in the start/finish area at anytime. Waves will be set off 3 minutes apart. On finishing the time trial runners are requested to not congregrate and wait for others.

Scoring. General standings based on time (fastest first), sub groups for SM/SW/V40/V45/V50 increasing in 5yrs increments.

Results. Results will be published on the club website and Facebook page as soon as possible once all runners have finished.

The course. An out and back starting just after the Hardwicke canal bridge. Out for 5 miles through Elmore, past Wholly Gelato, through Farley End and onto Longney. As you run out of Logney and approx. 50m after the Epney/Saul/Frampton junction turn round at the 5 miles marker, finish directly opposite the start. Start/Finish and turning point are clearly marked.

When turning at the 5 miles marker ensure you are aware of traffic in both directions.

0855hrs – start open for Wave 1.
0900hrs – Wave 1 sets off.
0901hrs – start open for Wave 2.
0903hrs – Wave 2 sets off.
0904hrs – start open for Wave 3.
0906hrs – Wave 3 sets off.
0907hrs – start open for Wave 4.
0909hrs – Wave 4 sets off.
0910hrs – start open for Wave 5.
0912hrs – Wave 5 sets off.
0913hrs – start open for Wave 6.
0915hrs – Wave 6 sets off.
Wave 1 – Alex Rawlings, Steve Kenyon, Owen Parry, Max Shepherd, James Rose, Graham Robinson.
Wave 2 – Dave Clarke, Dave Howells, Andy Monroe, Alex Jenkins, Rich Frape, Steve Bradley.
Wave 3 – Amanda Martin, Kevin Probyn, Adrian Roffley, Emma Millman, Richard Boseley, Adrian England.
Wave 4 – Farook Mota, Imran Hassanjee, Jon Schofield, Josh Beardsworth, Dan Nurse
Wave 5 – Greg Leyshon, Matt Leyshon, Olivia Wiles, George Scully, Terry Whitson, Allan Little.
Wave 6 – Samantha Watts, Lynne Hood, Andrea Preedy, Sharon Harris, Alice Lewis.
The landlord of The Pilot Inn has very kindly agreed to allow runners to use the pub car park from 0830-1045hrs. The only request is you fill up from the back fence i.e. furthest away from the pub entrance and are clear by 1045hrs.
Toilets. Sadly there aren’t any. Please make sure you go before leaving home.
Do not enter the start area until your allotted time and it is clear of runners from the previous wave
Maintain social distancing at all times.
Ensure you maintain 2m distance from the Timekeepers.
Do not wear headphones.
Runners must keep to the left-hand side of the road where possible and be aware of other road users.
If you feel ill do not run.
Run to the markers and not your watch i.e. Start at the start line, finish at the finish line, turn round at the 5 miles marker.
No spectators please. Especially around the start area.
At the 5 miles marker be especially aware of traffic in both directions. Only turn when it is safe to do so.
And finally, enjoy it. This is you v the clock but alongside like minded runners. If the format works and runners feel safe we can look to do something similar in the new year.

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