Weekly news – Carnival round up

Severn AC Virtual Gloucester 7.5 miles Carnival Challenge Round Up

Over the period 27 July – 2 August Severn AC held a virtual ‘nod’ to one of Gloucester’s original road races, the Gloucester 7.5 miles Carnival Challenge. This undulating course would take in the quiet country lanes of Hardwicke, Elmore, Kenton Green, Farleys End, Longney Ln and test all who crossed the start line.  

Alex Rawlings (Severn AC young star) went out early on the course and would post a time (39:27) that no one would come close to beating. 2nd/3rd/4th places would be hotly contested between Mark James (Cheltenham), Owen Parry (Gloucester) and Severn’s team captain James Rose. James would take 2nd (44:15, 1st M40) edging out Parry (44:52, 3rd) and Rose (45:25, 4th). The remaining top 10 places would be fought out between Severn’s Rat Pack (Withers, Howells, Frape, Clarke, Bright) and Gloucester’s Dave Gresswell with Withers taking the bragging rights in 47:39.

First lady home was Charlotte McGlone (49:57, Gloucester). Georgina Emile would lead a strong showing from the Angel’s home in 55:14 (2nd). Severn’s own Pocket Rocket (Tracey Brenton) was 3rd female in 56:09.

Full results

1    Alex RAWLINGS, U17M/1, SEVRN, 39:27.00    

2    Mark JAMES, M40/1, CHECH, 44:15.00    

3    Owen PARRY, M40/2, GLOS, 44:52.00    

4    James ROSE, M40/3, SEVRN, 45:25.00    

5    John WITHERS, M55/1, SEVRN, 47:39.00    

6    David HOWELLS, M50/1, SEVRN, 48:11.00    

7    Rich FRAPE, M40/4, SEVRN, 48:24.00    

8    David CLARKE, M45/1,SEVRN, 48:33.00    

9    Andrew BRIGHT, M35/1, SEVRN, 48:38.00    

10    David GRESSWELL, M50/2, GLOS, 49:45.00    

11    Charlotte MCGLONE, SW/1, GLOS, 49:57.00    

12    Andy MONRO, M50/3, SEVRN, 52:54.00    

13    Kevin PROBYN, M50/4, SEVRN, 55:08.00   

14    Georgina EMILE, W40/1, ANGEL, 55:14.00    

15    Clive POOLE, M50/5, STROU, 55:38.00    

16    Tracey BRENTON, W45/1, SEVRN, 56:09.00    

17    David STEPHENS, M35/2,’SEVRN, 56:33.00    

18    Amanda MARTIN, W50/1, TEWKS, 56:56.00    

19    Rob WILLIAMS, SM/1,    57:17.00    

20    Neil TAYLOR, M50/6, SEVRN, 57:30.00    

21    Darren RIDGLEY, M40/5, SEVRN, 58:57.00    

22    Pratik PRADHAN, M45/2, SEVRN, 59:27.00    

23    Gregory LEYSHON, M70/1, SEVRN, 1:01:24.00    

24    George SCULLY, M70/2, SEVRN, 1:02:56.00    

25    Terry WHITSON, M65/1, 1:03:08.00    

26    Helen PEMBERTON, W50/2, ANGEL, 1:12:20.00   

27    Stephen HOBSON, M60/1, HEREC, 1:18:36.00   

28    Steve BARNES    M60/2    , DURSL, 1:37:25.00    

29    John JAMES, M70/3, SEVRN, 1:40:52.00

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