Greg Leyshon Bio

46 Years Of Running & Still Going Strong

At the age of 70, Greg Leyshon is still pounding the streets of Gloucester. Formerly of Gloucester Athletic Club, the club he joined in 1974 with his brother Ken, he now wears the colours of Severn Athletic Club.

His list of personal achievements would be the envy of any young runner starting up in todays climate, with stats that would make anyone proud. He has personal bests on the track of 16:37 for 5000 metres and 34:20 for 10,000 metres. On the road his PB’s are 22:00 for 4 miles, 26:30 for 5 miles, 33:50 for 10,000 metres, 53:03 for 10 miles, 1:13:14 for Half Marathon & 1:23:00 for 15 miles.

Along with several club mates, Greg entered the Newport Marathon due to have taken place in April. At the Gloucester 20 Mile Road Race in March, he ran a PB of 3:04:48 (Severn AC vet 70 record). With the marathon rescheduled for October, another club age record will be his target.

He has run a total of 20 marathons with a PB of 2:34:00 at the London Marathon in 1985. In 1975 he was the first ever Gloucester AC runner to run & finish a marathon, paving the way for others to attempt the distance. 

He puts his successes down to “hard work & the enjoyment of getting out there”. Now at the age of 70, he’s still logging the miles with no retirement in sight and still enjoying the veteran race competition

Greg Leyshon

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