Weekly news 19/01

David Stephens in action at the Gloucester Marathon

On a cold and icy morning on Sunday at the Gloucester Marathon David Stephens ran a new PB, finishing in 82nd place in 03:36:30. Dave was setting out for a 3 hour 30 minute marathon and set off at around 8 minute mile pace for the 1st 16/17 miles but then slowed down the pace for the final few miles finding it difficult as he ran the distance mainly by himself. Dave still managed to achieve a PB by 8 minutes and 8 seconds which he previously set last year in Manchester. 287 ran.


Gloucester City: 22 Pratik PRADHAN 3/VM45 21:05, 31 Andrew BROWN 1/VM60 22:00, 82 Gregory LEYSHON 1/VM65 25:36, 101 Philip REECE VM55 27:01 & 176 Sandra BROWN 1/VW60 30:44. 332 ran.

Gloucester North: 1 David HOWELLS 1/VM50 19:31, 5 John WITHERS 2/VM55 20:44 & 84 Eden HOWELLS JW15-17 31:14. 131 ran.
Kingsway: 16 Adrian ENGLAND 3/VM40 22:01 & 18 Marc EDGEWORTH VM40 22:11. 284 ran.

Stratford Park: 8 Andy MONRO 1/VM50 22:14. 106 ran.

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