Weekly News 29/09

Farook Mota – Berlin Marathon

Severn Athletic Club’s 16 year old Alex Rawlings continues to set personal bests. At the Phomphrey 5K he finished second in 15:40, a 16 second PB. It was the first time a city runner has placed in a Bristol 5K road race. The race was won by Harry Bishop(Cheltenham/Gloucester University) in 15:39. Les Davis was 80th in 24:01 winning the Vet 70 & Vet 75 awards. Greg Leyshon(V65) was 81st in 24:11. 93 ran.

At the Berlin Marathon, Farook Mota(V45) competing at the distance for the 33rd time finished with a new personal best time of 3:40:03. 

Stephen Shields – Grimley Raceway 6hr

At the 6hr Grimley Raceway, Stephen Shields(V50) completed a total distance of 52.0km and finished in 8th place overall.

Three members ran the Cheltenham Half Marathon, 130th Dave Clarke(V45) 1:32:34 & a personal best time for David Stephens who finished 234th in 1:37 :29. Finally was Imran Hassanjee(V40) who finished in 1203 place with a time of 2:02:01.

At the Forest Of Dean Autumn Half Marathon, Neil Taylor(V50) ran 1:36:12 for 61st place.


Gloucester City: 5 Pratik PRADHAN 2/VM45 20:47, 56 Barry THOMAS VM45 27:20, 60 Charlie PARTRIDGE JM11-14 27:44(course PB) & 61 Megan PARTRIDGE 27:48. 149 ran.

Gloucester North: 1 Alex RAWLINGS JM15-17 17:35(course PB), 4 David HOWELLS 1/VM50 19:37, 14 Andrew BROWN 1/VM60 22:47, 29 Leslie DAVIS 1/VM75 24:58, 35 Emma RAWLINGS 1/VW45 25:30 & 77 Sandra BROWN VW60 30:58. 106 ran.

Hasenheide (Berlin): 221 Farook MOTA VM45 25:50. 733 ran.

Kingsway: 29 Marc EDGEWORTH 2/VM40 23:15, 42 Gregory LEYSHON 1/VM65 24:17, 76 Philip REECE VM55 26:02 & 191
John JAMES 1/VM70 36:59. 222 ran.

Mallards Pike: 12 Neil TAYLOR 2/VM50 21:15. 114 ran.

South Norwood: 8 Richard CHAPMAN-BROWN 1/VM40 20:19. 137 ran.

Stratford Park: 6 John WITHERS 1/VM55 21:21. 132 ran.

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